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About Horizon School

In 1997 in Peja, a success story in education began. And this, not by chance, but as an initiative of a family with experience in the field of education. It initially started with the foreign language course, in order to continue with the establishment of Pre-Primary and Secondary Education, in 2006. We started with 30 students, but today we have about 300, and very soon we will be even more. The dedication to build an educational institution has been immense, but the challenges were not small either.

Over the years, with hard work, the school was just growing. This growth is attributed to the continuous commitment, investment, and professionalism in this institution. Ever since the first day, with the students on the focus, this school continues to have successful events, extraordinary achievements, and a bright future. The commitment of everyone, who was and is part of the school staff has contributed to the growth of this school. Furthermore, cooperation and contribution of the parents is important to be mentioned, without which the course of success would not be accomplished. The relationship with the parents has been excellent and beneficial for the proper learning and education of the children.

The Horizon School is a large family, which includes students from the city of Peja, Gjakova, Deçan, Istog, and the entire region of Dukagjin. Besides, over the years, the school has hosted many international students, whom we successfully managed to integrate into our educational system and Kosovar society.  The school infrastructure has developed over the years. With the increase in the number of students, it became crucial to increase the learning facilities, to advance the scientific laboratories, the computer room, the arts studio, the sports hall, the canteen, the library, and the active learning center. Also, the teaching equipment (such as interactive whiteboard, smart board), visits outside the school premises, school guests, school ambulance, and many developments followed throughout the expansion and growth of the school. The success of our students was constantly increasing. The results in the achievement test and of the graduation were impressive. Almost every year we take the first place in the Municipality of Peja. This is evidenced by the continuation of studies at renowned Universities in our country and abroad.

The school brought up many talented students, not only in learning but also in arts, culture, and sports. Outstanding results in scientific competitions held by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology had already become common place, so the intention was to challenge ourselves abroad. Hence, we participated in the various events, visits, and programms in the international arena. Some of the talents of our school include Arta Vokshi – a creator whose talent was discovered in our school. She is an author of the three poetry collections. Her works and interpretations took a deserved place in the traditional literary meetings “Takimet poetike” for the great poet Azem Shkreli. At the same time, she is one of the newest members of the “Shoqata e shkrimtareve Pejanë”.  Albërije Draga – a very talented student in the field of poetry; author of two poetry collections who takes the first place for the most beautiful poetry interpretation in literary meetings “Flaka e Janarit”. Albërije becomes part of the “Shoqata e shkrimtareve Pejan”, too.

Furthermore, this school discovered dozens of talented writers such as Agnesa Broqi – author of two poetic works, Elvira Kabashi, Mirlinda Rustemaj, Jona Devolli, and Brikena Bardhi. Another notable activity of the students is the performance of the comedy “14 vjeç dhëndërr” on the occasion of the inauguration of the sports hall, where Arta Vokshi, Altin Dreshaj, Besat Shala, Evira Kabashi, and Albulena were distinguished for their excellent acting. During this academic year, another cultural-artistic activity named “Arti rinor” was organized within the Municipality of Peja. Thereby, two students from our school were finalists, Albin Kelmendi in the field of music and Dabis Sadiku, who won the second prize of the jury, in the field of literary arts.

We also have many talents in the field of sports and physical education, such is Eron Burri. He is a champion of Kosovo in skiing and participant in many competitions held throughout Europe. Recent developments in technology and science have led to the major changes in our school. Together we have built an advanced computer cabinet, where we do coding and robotic classes; scientific laboratories from Germany, which are the most advanced not only in Kosovo, but also in the region; and the Active Learning Center and career guidance as a new concept in Kosovar schools. It is worth mentioning students’ participation in the Programms in London, UK, as well as student’s proficiency in the English language. Also, several activities which take place within a school year are logical competitions, study visits to Albania, regular excursions, and skiing trips.

In the Horizon School learning is based on interactivity, increasing students’ self-confidence, developing critical thinking, social and community responsibility, independent and group work. The warm, safe environment, built with passion and filled with love, creates feeling of a big family for all members of the Horizon School, starting from Management, Administration, Teachers, Parents, Students, not forgetting the Doctor, Psychologist and Maintenance staff.  The limited number of students in a classroom and the adequate space for each student enables us to consider and value each student equally.

The school premises offer safe and friendly environment, with all safety parameters, suitable for the learning process. All students are equipped with school uniforms and provided with transportation.