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Fees and Payments

Payment options

To pay for your child’s tuition, Horizon School offers several options:

Full payment

In case of full payment by June 30 of the respective school year, the client receives a discount of 5% of the total amount.

It does not apply to students who benefit from the family package.

Payment in 2 installments:

Payment of the first installment must be made no later than September 15 of the school year. The payment of the second installment must be made no later than January 20 of the respective school year.

Payment through TEB bank loan, with 0% Interest

Payment through bank loan in TEB bank where the client pays the loan in 12 installments. The school assists the client in preparing the documents in accordance with the agreement it has with TEB bank.

Family package

First child – full payment
Second child – 10% discount
Third child – 20% discount
Fourth child – 30% discount

The discount applies only to children of the same family (siblings). In case of withdrawal of one of the children benefiting from the family package, then the package will be reconsidered.