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Why Horizon School

Thank you for taking an interest in our school. To find out why you should choose the Horizon School for your children’s education, we invite you to visit us at the building of the school and to closely look at what our school offers, both in terms of the environment, as well as the aspect of hospitality, from a wonderful staff who are prepared and do their job with great dedication and love.

The support and care of all staff for students make this place an institution that follows European patterns because every student who is part of us is valuable. In addition to creating a close and loving environment for our students, our main goal is to enable them to prepare for a bright future and be part of the elite universities in Kosovo and throughout Europe.

If your children become part of the Horizon School, then they have become part of the inevitable success. Our history so far testifies the professionalism of our school, where the close relationship between teachers, students, and parents make this school special in terms of teaching and learning approach.

If you choose the right school, then you have solved the biggest dilemma for your child’s education. Choosing a professional school such as Horizon School makes everything easier and simpler. As an institution that offers education and training of all pre-university levels of education, we also have additional and supplementary classes that enable students to be trained in different subjects and have no shortcomings in this regard.

The small number of students in the classroom is another decisive indicator that distinguishes our school from others. This allow teachers to dedicate the necessary time to each student during the lesson, and if something is unclear to the students, they are encouraged to ask questions in order to clarify any possible ambiguities.

All teachers of our school are qualified and professionally prepared for the respective subjects which they teach, which enable students to acquire each subject. Based on all these peculiar features that our school has, the question naturally arises: Why not Horizon School?