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The Library

The library is an essential source of knowledge for all of us in general, especially for our young students. We have taken care to offer a quiet and pleasant space. A space that encourages students to stay longer and read more. Among other goals, we aim to create a reading habit among students. We consider the library to be the most important space, in which students decompose and crystallize information.

Therefore, in our school, the library meets all the possible requirements of the students by providing them with numerous titles of books. In the library, in addition to reading, various activities take place such as regular classes using the interactive whiteboard, reading and commenting on texts or excerpts from various works. Also, the library space is used for various extracurricular activities such as marking certain days such as World Book Day, National Dictionary Day, National Grammar Day, and others similar to these.

“Reading should not be presented to students as a daily job or task. It should be presented as a gift”.


Active learning center: New opportunities never end in our school! Horizon School has for years been an example of a variety of curricula, whether in Albanian or English language. As the importance and use of the English language increases day by day, our school aims to include it more and more in the learning process. For these ideas to come to life, our school has created a special center for various learning activities.

 Active Learning Center (ALC) is a combination of traditional and contemporary curricula, where different methods are combined to bring amazing results. Through this combination, learning has become much more attractive and fun, where each student expresses their ideas and thoughts. So, one of the main goals is to develop active learning with the student at the center of the class. ALC is designed in such a way that its space is pleasant, inspiring, and very positive. Equipping the center with numerous books and interactive whiteboard has complemented it even more. The collaborative environment has enabled students to develop the ability to work in groups.

 Also, this space has allowed each student to be much more active, more curious, more creative, and to be themselves. Some of the activities that take place in this center are discussions on various social, scientific, and literary topics, quizzes, games, and presentations by students, as well as debates that affect the formation of the character of each student.

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