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Sports Facilities

Our sports program is an excellent way for students to enjoy the spirit of competition in a safe, structured environment while using talent to reach a high level. The pedagogical process is guided in such a way that each student is successful and motivated. Games as a relaxing tool are present in every PE class. Our curriculum encourages children to build strong team-work relationships through fair-play. In our school, the skills of each child are treated individually. During the exercises and games, the safety measures of each activity are respected. In addition to basic athletic skills, our school students learn the value of practice, preparation, and perseverance, how to work together to achieve a common goal, and how to succeed with great excellence. We have PE classes twice a week starting from pre-primary to twelfth grade. We work to foster students to live as leaders on and off the field, and as responsible citizens. Our goal is to provide a positive experience for each student. Horizon School has two modern halls for the development of sports activities. The outdoor terrain, according to the requirements of the curriculum, includes:

  • A football field,
  • A basketball court,
  • A gymnastic area,
  • The running track – which is also used during breaks for walking and conversations between students. The benches are also placed in this space, which students use to watch the matches that are organized within the school.

The indoor terrain: PE Hall with total dimensions of 15m x 27m. The size of this field makes it possible to develop many sports activities:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball,
  • Football,
  • Handball,
  • Table tennis.

Horizon School has all the equipment for gymnastics activities:

  • Gymnastic beam,
  • The parallel bars
  • Rings
  • Pommel Horse
  • Gym mats
  • Trampolines
  • -Besides, the PE room has:
  • Two wardrobes with a size of 20m2
  • Two bathrooms
  • A tool depot
  • A teacher’s room

Horizon School through Physical Education aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Formation of the right posture of the body,
  • Development of motor skills through small sports games, relay games, and polygon.
  • Development of motor skills (strength, speed, endurance, coordination, flexibility, etc.)
  • Development of functional skills through various outdoor activities (walking, jogging, orienteering running, etc.)

Acquisition of various sports knowledge:

  • Learning the technique of running, jumping, and throwing.
  • Learning the technique of gymnastic elements and their connection in whole-compositions.
  • Learning the basic technical and tactical elements and using them in-game situations.
  • Learning some dances.
  • Learning safe skiing – skiing course is held every year.
  • Also, the field and sports hall are used for school tournaments in football, basketball, volleyball, where discipline and respect for each other always prevail.
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